Who We Are

Empowering Lives. One Rower At A Time.

More than a simple slogan, it is the reason Sarasota Crew was created in 2002, why we have grown into one of the largest in the country and why we succeed in not only producing national championships, but making a positive difference with every rower we encounter. Rowers from all walks of life come to us, not because we focus on the importance of winning like other organizations, but because we create a healthy environment – socially, physically, emotionally – and teach the proper skill set to empower every rower to conquer the next challenge in their life.

Is our approach of making a difference in the lives of our members unique to rowing? Yes. But it is also the number one reason why:

  • Our alumni say the culture we create "made them the productive, caring and responsible people" they are today;
  • Since inception over 2000 youth have benefited from our youth development program, with the majority continuing to row in college being accepted into their reach schools and receiving rowing scholarships, and earning academic scholarships; and
  • Handicapped, seniors and corporate rowing teams join our organization

And yes, why over 20 national champions have been Sarasota Crew members. Empowering Lives. One Rower At A Time. More than a mission... it’s a cause for a better community. We are Sarasota Crew.

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